Howard Jones – Action Replay EP #recordswap

If people remember Howard Jones at all, it’s likely for his ‘fork in the light socket’ mane and circus clown suits.  He epitomizes the style-over-substance 80’s, undermining his dramatic appearance with really square songs.  The Action Replay EP was essentially a profitable way to sell Jones’ hit single “No One Is To Blame.”  The rest of the EP is made up of remixes and a couple of B-Sides.

No one is clamoring for Howard Jones’ deep cuts.  That said, “No One is to Blame” is a killer tune.  Gayngs have covered it. Phil Collins played drums and produced it (this should have exceptional appeal to my father).  And hey, it’s the first song on side one.  You don’t have to place the needle in any difficult places to make the pretty noises happen.

The rest of the EP is for Jones’ fanatics only (Howard raps on “Bounce Right Back”).  I’m sure there are some out there.  I remember this girl named Sue who was a few years older than me and got me into an R-Rated movie by saying she was my sister.  She definitely loved Howard.  I like to imagine she still does.  So Sue, if you’re reading this, come to our Record Swap!