Eddy Grant – Killer On The Rampage #recordswap

The first thing you learn about Eddy Grant comes from the sleeve of Killer on the Rampage. The dude likes short shorts. He’s wearing them on both the front (red) and back (baby blue) cover. That short shorts mentality – kind of square, a bit off-kilter – permeates the album.

Everybody knows “Electric Avenue.” It is one of the greatest party jams of the 80’s and, with the right speakers, the bass line will rattle your teeth. I was really hoping there would be a few hidden gems on the album. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. This is a collection of bland reggae and Latin-infused pop tunes with lots of prominent, but uninteresting synth lines. Aside from the aforementioned classic, the only tune I dug was “Too Young to Fall,” which was very catchy, though it was nearly ruined by a synth fill that sounded alarmingly like someone passing gas.