Woman claims that debt collector threatened to dig up her deceased daughter’s grave if she didn’t pay debt

A Belleville, Illinois woman was on the receiving end of some appallingly vulgar threats from a California debt collector attempting to collect a funeral home debt. The woman captured a recording that included threats like “We’re going to have your dog arrested, we’re going to shoot him, and we’re going to eat him,” and, “Are you going to pay this bill or not or am I going to have to kill you?” Although not caught on tape, the woman also claims that the debt collector threatened to dig up her deceased daughter’s grave and hang her from a tree if she didn’t pay the debt.

When initially reached for comment, the debt collector claimed that the recordings were “suspect” and that the incident “resembles the kind of unfortunate communication breakdowns that occur when people are under tremendous stress.” The debt collector later apologized and offered payment to the woman.

If you live in Minnesota and have been threatened or harassed by a debt collector, feel free to contact me for a free case evaluation.

Belleville woman irate after vulgar phone calls from debt collectors | KMOV.com | November 10, 2010 (via Consumerist)

Debt collector apologizes, offers payment to local woman after making vulgar threats| KMOV.com | November 12, 2010

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeboehmer/3354603032/