Welcome to the Friedman Iverson, PLLC Consumer Blog!

The world needs another blog like I need an additional hole in my head.  So why are we doing this? We get calls everyday from people who are frustrated and frightened by situations they’re facing. They aren’t necessarily looking to hire a lawyer, but they need some information to determine their rights and assess their options.  We’re always happy to take these calls, but we thought posting answers to the most common questions would be convenient for consumers.

We want this blog to grow organically. We will definitely comment on developments in the law and relevant news stories. We will probably also trumpet our successes (blogs are nothing if not a bit self-indulgent), but a lot of how we’ll develop depends on our readership. If there is a topic that you would like us to address, shoot us an email at: info@nullfriedmaniverson.com.

In the coming weeks and months look for posts on bankruptcy, debt collector harassment, auto fraud and foreclosure.  Please check back early and often and offer your comments.  Let’s make this fun.