We are NOT Central Prairie Financial, LLC

We get a lot of notices of bankruptcy filings. This makes sense, because we represent people filing bankruptcy. Even though we’ve already received the same information via e-mail, we make a point of opening the letters and verifying that all the information is accurate. Then we fold up the letters into paper airplanes and play Red Baron in the office. It is often the highlight of our day.

Lately, we’ve been getting notices on bankruptcies that have nothing to do with us. We are neither the attorney of record, nor do we represent any creditors. It turns out we’re getting bombarded with mail because one particular creditor, Central Prairie Financial, LLC, doesn’t have much presence on the internet.

When you Google “Central Prairie Financial” what you’re most likely to see is one of our blog posts lambasting the practices of this “Laura Ingalls Wilder of the Debt Buyer World.” There appear to be some law firms out there who think that because we mention Central Prairie Financial that we are Central Prairie Financial, so they send their bankruptcy notices to our address. That is kind of like assuming that Fox News is the official mouthpiece of President Obama, because they say his name a lot.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m getting on the case of other bankruptcy attorneys. Central Prairie is very mysterious. All we really know is that they buy debts and hire local law firms to sue on them. Or maybe they are owned by those local law firms. It is very difficult to tell from online research. The one thing I have been able to determine is that they are registered as a Limited Liability Company in Delaware, which, last time I checked, was nowhere near the central prairie.

If you get sued by Central Prairie you can definitely call us, but please don’t address your birthday cards and holiday letters for them to our address.