What is the Minnesota Lemon Law?

Friedman Iverson - Minnesota lemon law

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Minnesota’s lemon law protects you against a new car (sold with a written warranty) that has a problem that affects the use or value of the vehicle. Under the lemon law, for any problem that arises within two years of purchase,  the manufacturer must replace or a refund a vehicle if a serious problem can’t be fixed within a “reasonable” number of attempts.

Minnesota lemon law presumption

In order to use the lemon law, the manufacturer must have made a reasonable number of attempts to repair the vehicle. You don’t have to meet the lemon law presumption to have a case, but it sure helps. The presumption means that a particular number of attempts will be assumed to be reasonable.

  • – Four attempts to repair the same problem;
  • – One attempt to repair a defect involving the complete failure of the steering or braking system;
  • – The car has been out of service for 30 or more total days.

Filing a lemon law case

If you think you have a case, get in touch with an attorney. We offer free consultations. If you win, the manufacturer must refund or replace the vehicle, plus it will pay your attorney’s fees.

2 Responses to “What is the Minnesota Lemon Law?”

  1. Mark Hill

    Does the lemon law cover new campers , i bpught a new camper in 2013 and reported a leaking slide it has been in 5 times and still leaks for a total of over 8 months , now other damage has occurred from the leak , can I return this camper for a refund under the lemon law

    • David Friedman


      The Minnesota Lemon Law applies to the motorized part of a camper, but not the living quarters. There may be other laws that deal with the suitability of the living quarters. Let us know if you have follow-up questions.