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We’ll listen carefully so we understand exactly what challenges you’re up against. We’ll empower you with the information you need to make your own decisions about your finances. And as your lawyer, we’ll work harder and smarter than your creditors to find the best strategy to wipe out your debt.

 of debt wiped out

25 homes saved
from foreclosure
16 second mortgages
wiped out


David Friedman

Bankruptcy attorney

David has handled more than 150 bankruptcy cases since starting the firm. He enjoys more complex cases, including lots of Chapter 13 reorganization. His cases often involve restructuring mortgages to save people’s homes. While many bankruptcy lawyers see bankruptcy as the only thing they do, David is always looking for claims under consumer protection laws to help put more money in his clients’ pockets. David is licensed to practice law in Minnesota and New York.

Todd Murray

Consumer litigation attorney

Todd leads our consumer litigation efforts, including suing abusive debt collectors and shady car dealers. Todd loves the thrill of litigation and isn’t afraid to push cases to trial. He’s worked in the collection industry so he understands exactly how it works. Todd strongly believes that a consumer lawyer should help clients solve their underlying debt problems, not just sue the bad guys.



Bess is our bankruptcy petition ninja. Her job is to shepherd cases through the court process, making sure documents are filled out correctly, deadlines are met, and that a bankruptcy case gets to discharge. Bess was raised by a local consumer protection attorney, so she knew the perils of subprime mortgage lending before age 12.
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